Roma UEFA EURO 2020.
The tale of a huge event

We told the making of a huge event.
The largest Fanzone in Europe.
56 days of an unbelievable football adventure.
Thousands of smiles, goals, skills, tackles, jumps, talents, gigs, live shows, artists.
Rome, our wonderful city, spread the word of energy and happiness from its most important square: “Piazza del Popolo”.
People had one big desire: RESTART. So the crowd have gathered around a sport event and around his team for a historic victory.
The work, the effort, the satisfaction and the joy of those who created and completed a great event.
We have been there with our eyes, our ideas and our hands to prove and provide evidences of all this.


Video report and Photo report of the ROME FANZONE for UEFA EURO 2020






More than 200 videos
More than 5000 photos

30 days of the biggest

Fanzone in Europe

in the very heart of Rome.

Ciao Roma, ciao Euro

Some of the videos that narrated to the world about the Rome Fanzone for UEFA EURO 2020

Social Highlights


We produced motivational videos to rush the crowd in the square before the beginning of every match.


To catch emotions of the people in the square was our goal and the pulling energy of the whole event. Our videos holded and spreaded them around.